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Prague phototours


Everybody will find their theme on trips. Buildings, like landscapes, usually miss my lens. But sometimes I can't resist an interesting detail, a forgotten chapel, or just a roadside cross. Surely you have come across projects like “He took pictures of his daughter every day”. I found out that something like this came about in this “project”. Although unintentionally. We can boast of a new Facebook profile after almost every trip, and when I look at the photos from the trips two years ago, I see how different the time was.

The biggest change is visible to someone who loves changing hairstyles. I have been photographing one tree in different seasons for a long time, so I can look at various changes of nature during the year. We do not take trips only in summer, but also in January frosts. In photos from different trips, the changes are not as visible as if I photographed the same object, but the changes in the weather and landscape, which you often do not catch in the city. You can join our Prague phototours and learn some new things about photography.